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These options may be used to control the compiler's behavior:
Debug lexer (-Wdebug-lexer)
Just parse and dump (do not verify) (-E)
Parse, verify validity, and dump (-E -F)
Use wide types (e.g. INTEGER_t instead of long) by default (-fwide-types)
Generate PER support (-gen-PER), default is BER, DER and XER
Prevent name clashes in compiled output (-fcompound-names)
... the command line ASN.1 compiler, asn1c, supports many other parameters.
Process only the first PDU in file
Generate simple text dump instead of XML (XER)
Ignore protocol framing preamble (-s 4 -1 unber options to skip first 4 bytes)
Generate terser output while still preserving BER encoding information (-m unber option)
(Available disk space: 192G)
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