Lev Walkin

So you have found me.

My dear wife Olga Bobrova. Kids: Mark (2006) and Alisa (2009).

Open source software

I host some of my stuff on GitHub: https://github.com/vlm

Here are some open source projects I run:

  • asn1c-0.9.24 – The ASN.1 to C compiler. Also use Online ASN.1 compiler.
  • ipcad-3.7 – A versatile IP traffic collector (Supported capture methods: BPF, libpcap, tee, divert, ULOG, IPQ; Supported export methods: RSH, NetFlow, file dump).
  • libstrfunc-8.3 – A collection of text processing functions, primarily aimed at CGI developers (Includes support for CGI forms handling (GET/POST), base64, MIME, date/time conversion routines, template formatting, etc).
  • ... and more C sources of varying degree of usability.
Once upon a time (1997) I spent a few years developing the following Windows beast:
  • The Network Emulator 3.0 – A system for visual modelling the TCP/IP networks. It has a GUI to create a mesh of hosts interconnected by various network media (Ethernet, serial, etc). These virtual hosts run virtual programs, like "telnet", "ping", "traceroute" and "gated", written using finite state automata; the system visually models the TCP/IP stack behavior. The emulator supports the IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP and even BGP.
This project is listed here largely for sentimental reasons.

Professional profile

  • Co-founder and CTO of Echo.
  • Chief editor of Practice of Functional Programming journal (ISSN 2075-8456).
  • Twitter: levwalkin (English)
  • LJ: lionet (mostly Russian)
  • LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/lionet

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