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IP accounting daemon Stable release
22 April, 2007 SourceForge.Net Project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ipcad
Source tarball: ipcad-3.7.3.tar.gz

IPCAD stands for IP Cisco Accounting Daemon. It runs in background, listens traffic on the specified interfaces, and records the traffic for later retrieval and analysis. IPCAD can use raw BPF devices, PCAP library, divert, tee or Linux iptables' ULOG & IPQ packet sources to capture the packets.

IPCAD is featured in The Tao of Network Security Monitoring book by Richard Bejtlich (look it up at Amazon.com)

Richard's TaoSecurity Blog :: Notes on IPCAD

Статьи о настройке IPCAD в журнале «Системный администратор»: «Как посчитать трафик в Linux», «Создаём шлюз с системой учёта трафика на слабом компьютере».

IPCAD can export collected information using rsh or NetFlow.

  • Uses BPF, libpcap divert, tee or Linux ULOG & IPQ for traffic snooping
  • RSH, NetFlow and console output in Cisco-like fashion
  • RSH access lists
  • Address aggregation support for RSH and NetFlow.
  • UDP/TCP/SCTP ports handling
  • Dynamic interfaces (PPP, VPN) support


  • At least Berkeley packet filter or libpcap library.

    Runs on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, MacOS X/Darwin, Solaris.

  • Docs:Manual pages, README and well-commented sample configuration file.

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