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Use Online ASN.1 compiler, version 0.9.28 (2017-Mar-26)

The online version of asn1c compiler makes the following possible:
  • Compile ASN.1 modules into cross-platform C code
  • Decode 3GPP RRC (Radio Resource Control) PER messages
  • Decode OMA ULP (UserPlane Location Protocol) PER messages
  • Decode BER based GSM TAP3, IETF LDAP, ISO MHEG-5, and ITU-T MEGACO messages
  • Decode X.509 (DER) certificates
  • Convert any other BER/CER/DER data into XML representation


Download the ASN.1 compiler release:

  • Source code: asn1c-0.9.28.tar.gz (2014-Sep-17), see ChangeLog and License
    0. The code generated by the ASN.1 compiler is cross-platform and not compiler dependent, unlike asn1c itself.
    1. Requires GCC compiler under unix-like environment (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, whatelse...).
  • Windows installer: asn1c-0.9.21.exe (2006-Sep-26) 2.2 MB.
    Contains console-based asn1c, unber and enber utilities, documentation, examples, decoders of RRC, X.509, MHEG-5, LDAP-3, MEGACO, TAP3.
    You can donate $3 if you enjoyed this pre-compiled convenience.

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The ASN.1 Compiler Copyright © 2003—2017 Lev Walkin <vlm@lionet.info>